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Get the education you need from coaches who care.

Synergy coaches specialize in educating their clients in two main areas: Business and Personal Funding Needs and Real Estate Investing.


Synergy is an industry leader in funding education and one-on-one coaching. Over 30 million people a year get funding through the government, foundations, non-profit organizations, sponsorships, loans, government contracts, private moneys, angel investors and/or venture capital. There's real money out there to start a business, expand an existing business, help with closing costs on a new home, invest in real estate, go to college, or for a multitude of other worthwhile projects. In fact, new federal, corporate and private grants become available every day.

But how do you find them? How do you turn your financial goals into a reality? Synergy can help.


Synergy's coaching program is designed to teach clients CREATIVE Real Estate Techniques, including, but not limited to, foreclosures, lease options, little or no-money-down investments, wrap around mortgages, land contracts, land trusts, tax liens, deeds and option agreements. Real estate investment possibilities are waiting around every corner. But how do you find them? How do you turn your financial dreams into a reality? Synergy can help.

If you qualify to work with a coach, you will be given the knowledge, tools, and strategies to further your personal and financial goals and/or to take your business, investments, and other professional endeavors to a higher level. To see if you qualify to work with a funding or real estate investment coach, call 1-888-927-5757.

Recent Testimonials


Thank you so much for your help. I've recieved the attachment without a problem and am ready to head forward feeling confident in this plan. You've been a huge aid in this endeavor.


I was emailing you to let you know how much I learned from you. I appreciate your letting me ask any question and you always knew the answers. I got a better understanding of real estate investing and that I have many more options for each new venture!!. I also appreciate that I can call you and discuss any deal. I have many reasons to do well.

Thanks again, God bless you and your family!


I wanted to say thank you for the training and support during our weekly training calls. You have helped tremendously with helping me get over the fear of investing. I see investing opportunities everyday. Funding is no longer an issue I need to concern myself with now. I am having my first “roundtable meeting” with other realtor/investors. We will be evaluating deals to pool our funds and invest. I will be in touch again soon!


"My profit will be roughly $25000!!

Please let Larry G. know that he has my permission to use my comments. I only hope that they will benefit someone else. Thanks for your excellent comments today. Writing everything down was helpful because I need your help to determine exactly how much money that I made this week. WHAT A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE! from only 3 weeks of coaching."


"I hope you are well. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks so much for the great presentation of Grants. Doug and I spent some time over the weekend reviewing this information and we are amazed at all the opportunities available. Your efforts taken to compile all of these resources is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care."


"Hey this works! Great coach and materials! I am on the road a lot as a flight attendant and I was scared to look at properties away from my base in Orlando. But my coach helped me to understand that it could be done. I have been trying for 16 months and I have 12 properties. They taught me how to buy one house per month. His formula works! That is why I had a coach and it worked! Thanks for $$$$$"


"I would like to say that my coach was a very nice person to work with and to talk to, he was patient and concern about my progress. I know I still have to do the work to acquire the grants that I am looking for, I also know that what ever you want is not given to you on a silver platter. It gets a little frustrating at times but I will not give up I will succeed. My coach has given me enough knowledge that I may accomplish my goal and to become very successful and achieve them.

I am confident enough that if some one wants to learn how to apply for a grant I could teach them. I thank you for all your help and as soon as I reach my goal you will be the first to hear of it. Thank you."

VALENTINE F. from BC, Canada -


Thanks for your friendship! I have learned a lot and I have never been happier with Real Estate! I bought a 60 unit apartment complex and your techniques were great! I have a positive cash flow of $2520.00 US Dollars. I am still located in BC Canada and looking forward to flying to in to Dallas Texas to meet you! You were RIGHT! There is no difference between Canada and the US."


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